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The story of how I became interested in Rolfing is a common one. A lifetime of being uncomfortable in my body led me to believe that my body was flawed, and that it had betrayed me; a depressing thought. In my late 20’s when this situation was at its worst, a healer named Levant Bolukbasi came into my life, a relationship for which I am eternally grateful. While studying with him, it became clear I was avoiding a true experience of my body in order to avoid suffering, and that this was a source of conflicts in my life. A painful and raw body was among the manifestations of this imbalance. My negative beliefs and emotions were habitually and unconsciously finding their way into my body. Various physical traumas sustained throughout my life also played into my experience of my body. I completed a four-year course of study in Psycho-energetics at the IM School for Healing Arts. Principles and techniques of working with subtle energies were among my studies there. My education at the IM School is continuous with my work as an integrative manual therapist.

Near the end of these studies, I was making plans to study psychology or philosophy in order to become a therapist.  Wanting to involve myself in a practice that was able to appropriately and deeply transform pattern, Rolfing presented itself through my research. So while my tendencies veered towards working with the mind, I chose a more body-oriented approach –and have been deeply happy with it since. Anthropologist Dr. Joseph Campbell, and anatomist/philosopher/Somanout Gil Hedley also directly helped influence my decision. 

During and after my Rolfing series, I recovered a freedom and ease of movement long since missed. Realizing big shifts in my energy and vitality, I came away from these sessions lifted, more at ease, a sense of not needing to expend effort to hold my body together - upright and bouyant.  Above all, I felt space in my body, and in my spine in particular; a feeling that I had longed for. My body had not betrayed me, rather, it just needed some attention and education. This emotional realization continued to feed the structural changes that I was experiencing. Many of these changes came most dramatically about four months upon completion of a ten session series of Rolfing.

Both as recipient and practitioner, I am continually appreciative of the effectiveness of this work. The knowledge from my ongoing study of the body and mind allows me to foster the health and evolution of others while following my own path of healing.  It has also given me the opportunity to study with some truly great healers. 

In addition to my basic training as a Rolfer, I spent 14 months in a mentorship with Dr. Thomas Findley, M.D. Ph.D, Advanced Rolfer. My skill-sets include extensive study in Biomechanical models, Visceral Manipulation, and various ways of working with the systems of the body. In addition, I have 70 hours of education in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. An avid student of the mind, meditation, and various transformative practices, the synchronicities in all these forms continue to fascinate me. For the past five years, I have particularly devoted myself to the study of SourcePoint, an energetic context for doing structural work.