Source Point Therapy®

SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the Blueprint of Health , by Donna Thomson

SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the Blueprint of Health, by Donna Thomson


SourcePoint® is an energetic modality that I use both as a stand-alone form of treatment, and as a context to support my practice as an integrative manual therapist.  Very direct and efficient, SourcePoint contextualizes a client within the field of information that contains the pattern, or blueprint of health. The session precisely assesses and treats the areas this pattern has become obscured, disrupted, or inhibited in its expression.  From the SP perspective, the physical systems of the body, e.g. bones, joints, fascia, viscera, perception, and psyche, organize primarily with reference to the pattern of health, as it is expressed in the energetic body. Somewhat like a Blueprint, is the primary organizing factor for the construction of a house, but not obvious as such on the surface for a physical house. Blockages and disruptions in the energetic structures can be the cause of, and sustain distortions in the physical systems of the body.

From this perspective, the information patterned in the energetic structures of the body gives rise to, and sustains the physical body. When the flow of this information is disrupted, the physical systems of the body are inhibited from accessing it. Organization can then happen, with reference to habitual orientations toward physical/mental trauma, dysfunction, historical patterns etc...   When a healthy pattern is expressed as a vibrant and emergent energetic body, the physical body has a precise and healthy reference point in how it organizes. The intention of all of this work is to foster a condition of health so that a client can more easily have access to her resources.