Rolfing and Structural Integration Blog

Insights and practices on the benefits of Rolfing Structural Integration and the powerful role that it plays in healing the body and the mind.

Decoding The Body: What Pain Really Means & How to Address It

Why do we experience pain and discomfort? What are some of the reasons we live with limitation in our bodies? The answers to these questions are broad, and span the realms of perception, pre-disposition, physical and emotional tendencies, and how we habituate with respect to trauma. All of these factors can enhance or obstruct the flow of healthy information through our bodies and minds. Many of these factors relate to how we organize ourselves around our lived history. Here’s our philosophy on the source of these symptoms, and how to address them effectively.

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The Language of Pattern: How Patterned Behavior Shapes Our Experience

It is possible to talk of Rolfing as an elegant language within which to address patterns that obstruct the optimal physical, perceptual, and emotional function of a person. Strain patterns run through the body as a consequence of physical injuries, and the compensations that result. These adaptations may be a good strategy at the time of the injury, but since most of their content is below the level of consciousness, they tend to persist long after they are useful. Here is critical insight into how to correct those patterns of behavior and understand the many ways that Rolfing can shift your physical and emotional experience.

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A Perspective on Trauma

I was recently thinking about one of the main tenants of Dr. Peter Levine's perspective on trauma: "Trauma is not in the event(s), it is in the patterns we form around the event(s) which find expression as our habits." For Dr. Levine, the nervous system is primary in the repetition of pattern; here’s my view.

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Recognizing the Body as an Integrated System

As an integrative manual therapist and Certified Rolfer, I use my hands to work with many of the systems of the body. I work with bones, joints, fascia, viscera, perception, the fluid body, as well as with energetic contents. I do this work to help people realize their potential in being more at ease in their bodies, and therefore, more fully and clearly engaged in life.

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