Common Benefits of Rolfing

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Rolfing® works with the basic tenant that the function of a person, or any aspect of physical reality, depends to a large degree on its form or structure; structure = function. In this sense, a well-formed or well-organized thing, a body in this case, has the potential to function well. In turn, a well-functioning body has the potential to create in itself a structural condition where in it responds to and interacts with its environment optimally. So, many aspects of dis-ease potentially fall within the realm of being treated by structural bodywork such as Rolfing.

  • Brings balance/symmetry to the body.

  • Creates space in the body so that there can be clarity of relationships between body parts, including the viscera (internal organs).

  • Alleviates strains that can be the cause of chronic and acute pain and discomfort.

  • Improves range of motion through joints.

  • Improves circulation, breathing and awareness.

  • Improves vitality, increases energy.

  • Fosters gracefulness and ease of movement.

  • Can help address and relieve back pain, lower back pain, joint pain, general pain and discomfort, migraines, TMJ, asthma, organ function, Parkinson’s, stress and anxiety.