Rolfing and Structural Integration Blog

Insights and practices on the benefits of Rolfing Structural Integration and the powerful role that it plays in healing the body and the mind.

Recognizing the Body as an Integrated System

As an integrative manual therapist and Certified Rolfer, I use my hands to work with many of the systems of the body.

I work with bones, joints, fascia, viscera, perception, the fluid body, as well as with energetic contents.

I do this work to help people realize their potential in being more at ease in their bodies, and therefore, more fully and clearly engaged in life.

My work is a very direct and effective approach to address many conditions including:

  • pain

  • discomfort

  • anxiety

  • low vitality

  • perceptual inhibitions

  • digestive and gastrointestinal disorders

  • reproductive and hormonal imbalances

  • cardiopulmonary issues

  • nervous system and adrenal stress

These conditions often have roots in imbalanced structural and functional relationships from which develop less than optimal habits of movement, which in turn, drive patterns of illness and [dis-ease] on many levels. 

My approach is to emphasize the body as the primary context for experience. So, how we are in our bodies, how we hold our bodies, how we move, breath, sit, stand, orient toward our thoughts, our history, other people, and situations… are all conditions of how we habitually experience these things.

Most of us have some level of compensation, and organization around past and current physical and emotional trauma.

Parts of us are over energized, and some parts are under energized. These become our habitual ways of being in the world. This may look like tight, shortened, or undifferentiated muscles, joints, and compressed tissues. This may also look like collapse, hyper-mobility, and weakness. Both are happening in many of us. This may lead to less choice in how we are forming relationships to things, and living in general. In this work, I use my hands to precisely address the structural and functional relationships involved in the limitation of choice.  

Through years of practice, my set of skills create the significant and appropriate change in the body and mind that, ultimately, will help you realize your potential to be at ease in your body and fully engaged in the world around you.

Within the sixty-minute session, we move through a personalized therapy that is specifically tailored to your needs and healing goals.  Because my work is an elegant blend of subtle bodywork and very direct intervention, the session will leave you feeling at ease and comfortable in your experience with your world, energized and rejuvenated, and in full realization of your potential.   

I would love to share my work with you, and introduce you to the mind/body approach to healing that is Rolfing.