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View Jason's profile and read customer reviews on Yelp here.

View Jason's profile and read customer reviews on Yelp here.


Jason is truly a mastermind! Jason has the gift to analyze your body in an in depth way that he can see structural/biomechanical issues both superficial and deep. Not only does he have gifted eyes, but gifted hands that radiate a tremendous healing power. Jason's work is skillfully specific and individualized for the client. As a practicing chiropractor, I truly appreciate specific body fine tuning, and find his work personally extraordinary that I refer him my patients. 

Edward G., D.C. 

"Simply put, Jason has a gift... He listens and responds with his touch in a way that (I believe) we all long to be met. During sessions, when Jason's hands make contact with my body, I can "feel" him listening to aspects of my Being that so often get missed. His understanding of the body and how it is organized goes way beyond most healers I have worked with. I leave Jason's office feeling grounded, grateful, and in awe of what is possible within my own structure..." 

Rev. Deborah Bry
Counselor, somatic psychotherapy, body-worker, yoga instructor

I found Jason to be warm, patient and thoughtful in his approach so that I always felt safe in his hands. As I was able to open up to the very deep changes that he offered me, beautiful insights were revealed; memories were freed along with the muscle and sinew of my body. I will be sending my students to him with confidence that they will benefit from his work. 

Belinda Mello
Alexander Technique teacher
Movement specialist, Theater director

Being a yoga practitioner I took pride in my flexible backbends, but everytime I did them, I wasn't doing something properly and my back always hurt. In just one session, Jason helped me fix that. He taught me the interconnectedness of my anatomy and by working on opening other areas of my body, released the tension. I have not had any pain in backbending since. Thanks Jason! 

Emiliya, Oceanside, NY

Jason is a thoughtful and deeply intuitive individual who brings this way of being, along with years of training and education, to his work as a rolfer. Every client I've ever referred to him has been extremely satisfied with their experiences, such that I now view Rolfing as a way to help clients connect with and release bodily tension and trauma in ways traditional therapy cannot. Both as a person and as a Rolfer, Jason is always challenging himself to learn and grow. His continuing education efforts show in his work, which is consistently sensitive, astute, and transformative. 

Wylie Goodman, Psy.D. 

Jason came highly recommended to me as someone who could help relieve my foot pain which at the time was interfering with my daily life. I had never heard of Rolfing, but after an initial meeting, I readily signed up for the 10 Rolfing series. It was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. Jason not only impressed me with his knowledge of the body, but what struck me the most was Jason's humble, sensitive manner. He explained that my foot inflammation was really a symptom of larger physical and psychological conflicts in my life and that Rolfing could address both. Though I wasn't sure how the process would play out, I instinctively trusted Jason to lead me through it. 

The 10 series transformed me in ways that I could not have imagined. My therapeutic relationship with Jason was at the heart of this transformation. Jason's training, skills and intuitive healing guided me through a greater understanding of the ways in which my physical patterns reflected my experience of the world. I literally became more at ease in my own body. Movements were more fluid and directed. I learned to breathe deeper. Relationships to gravity and to other people changed. My initial foot pain became a distant memory. 

Most importantly, LIFE now felt full of possibilities. 

Jason serves as a perfect medium for promoting healing in his clients. I was fortunate to work with Jason and would confidently recommend him to anyone seeking a healing experience. 

Ariela Weisenberg
Occupational Therapist
New York, NY

Jason's work makes space for change. His deep understanding of the mind-body connection sets him aside from others. Every time I step out of his office, I feel so alive, vast, clear and capable of taking anything on. My sessions with him create a sense of newness, and freedom in my physical and emotional experience. It inspires a state of playful curiosity. The work he has done to my body is incredible and I've seen and felt some dramatic differences. So long as you don't hide in patterns, the results can last you a lifetime. 

I feel everyone can benefit from his work. It can be a powerful tool in self developement, and in the most basic form, great for releasing tension, aches, pains, and improving your posture. His holistic approach will definitely help you in unexpected ways. 

Yelimar Rodriguez
HHC, CYI, Thai Yoga Practitioner

I heard of Jason's work through a Pilates studio where I was teaching nearly one year ago. At that time, I had worked with numerous other body-workers, healers, and Rolfers. As a professional dancer, I have found rare circumstances in which a physical healer truly understands the rigor of the type of movement I do and has the skills to alleviate painful patterns. Additionally, I have struggled to find practitioners that acknowledges my current perception as an amalgam of previous education and experiences. Knowing that Jason is so available and attentive in this way, I feel like I am working with a partner through physical dialogue. I leave our sessions feeling like I have intelligent tools to be more present physically and emotionally. I so deeply trust Jason's work that I have referred numerous friends and dear Pilates clients to him, all of whom have praised the result. 

Whitney Rippelmeyer-Tucker
Pilates instructor, performer, k-12 educator, project enthusiast
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