As a Certified Advanced Rolfer® / Integrative Manual Therapist, I work with the physical and energetic systems of the body in order to support a condition of ease, balance, order, and flow in the body with corresponding effect for the mind.  In treating chronic and acute conditions of pain and discomfort, as well as past trauma, depression, anxiety and low vitality, it is important to precisely address imbalanced relationships in the physical systems of the body. When relationships in and between bones, joints, fascia, the nervous system, fluids, viscera and perception are disrupted by trauma and compensatory habits, a person might have a difficult time finding proper movement through these areas, and through the body in general. This dynamic may lead an un-even distribution of strain throughout the body, which can be a cause of pain, discomfort, and limitation in the body and mind. Working with structure can help a person re-pattern their movement and perceptual habits. In establishing more proper habits of coordination, a person simply has more choice in how they can organize their body, and their experience. 

In my 15 years as a practitioner in New York City, I have studied with many outstanding teachers, cultivating exceptional skills in being able to work with the various physical systems of the body. I list some of these trainings in the about Jason section of this site. In the last 5 years, I have studied closely with Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson, the developers of SourcePoint. SourcePoint is an energetic modality within which I work with my hands, primarily on the body, using my skill-sets as an integrative manual therapist. It is a clear and precise context for doing structural bodywork. Working this way allows me access to more information than by just using my perception. I often work on this platform, consistently finding it to be the most efficient, thorough and useful way for me to affect positive change in structural and mental pattern with depth and precision. 

The basic Idea in SourcePoint is that there is an energetic template or blueprint for human health that gives rise to, and sustains human life. The body is organized with reference to this pattern. When there is disruption in this blueprint, due, for instance, to trauma, compensatory habits, un-useful thought patterns, disrupted boundaries, etc… we might have a difficult time organizing ourselves in the most optimal way. Instead, we might organize with reference to, and repeat familiar patterns, such as trauma, story, false, and disempowering beliefs systems…  When the energetic blueprint is to some degree restored, and the energetic structures are made more emergent, the being is then able to refer to this healthy pattern in their process of self-organizing. Empowered, embracing complexity, ease of movement, less discomfort and pain, and more clarity and vitality are all common benefits of this work. I have found this work to be a missing piece in acute and chronic conditions of dis-ease. 


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